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Mission Statement

At Pivot, our goals are broad reaching from what is achievable today to what will be dreamt about tomorrow. From product sales to think tank, our team spans the gamut of technologies that help you achieve your personal goals of looking better, feeling better and living better. Why are there so many different diets, exercise programs, and educational programs? Why are there so many ways to quit smoking, and why is quitting easy for some but impossible for others? Because we're all different. Deciding what works for you should not be about trial and error, and the helpless feelings that go with that approach, but rather about information and understanding. With omniscient technologies that gather information about you and your environment, you can learn what actually does and does not work for you - and turn your life around.


  • Even though TV, radio and magazines evolved to give us more and more choices with the help of cable and satellite, the information was still prepackaged and sequential.
  • And those of us in search for more information had to go out and seek experts in various areas, visit libraries, etc.
  • Home computers, laptops and the Internet changed the way in which we obtain information bringing it into our homes and offices, allowing us to decide on what to access and when.
  • However, this one way flow of information from the world to your fingertips can be quite inefficient, impersonal and daunting to say the least.
  • More recently, various technologies have been working to collect information about you, what you read, where you shop, what you buy, etc.
  • This is not only being done through your computer, but also through your credit cards, your cell phone, and even GPS in your car.

Sadly, the aim of many of these technologies is to sell you products, take your money, and enforce compliance with the tax code, laws and regulations. At Pivot, our goals are different. Our aim is to use these newly evolving technologies to help you improve your life!

What Makes Us Different

From Jack Lalane (1914-2011) to Suzanne Somers, there have always been those who used media and technology to reach out to us to improve our lives. Using magazines, TV, the Internet, and more recently our cell phones, we have been exposed to work out plans, diets, ways to quit smoking, vocabulary improvement, religious or spiritual harmony, self defense, etc. The people advocating these plans know what works for them, but what works for you? A famous movie star can surround themselves with personal trainers and dietitians to monitor their every move, provide continuous feedback and personal comfort, and get results.

At Pivot, our goal is to bring this expertise to you. Imagine knowing when you're burning fat or gaining it, when to start or stop exercise, or what your nicotine levels are and how to gradually reduce them to zero. In fact, some studies show that obesity can be battled by simply properly setting the thermostat in your home. Omniscient technology that gathers input from you and your surroundings can help you do this - and much more.
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